A fireside gem

Tierra Aranda Tempranillo

I’m back inside after 3 times out in the snow with my little bundles of joy.  I’.m winding down my parental duties for the evening and getting ready to pour a glass.  Tonight I opened this gem from Ribera del Duero, and I made the right choice.  It’s a deep ruby color wine full of enticing aromas of dark fruit, earthy spice maybe a little cola.   It tastes of subtle licorice, smoke and dried fruits.

I needed this after being pelted in the head by snowballs.  I have  cleaned up more tracked in ice from my living room than any person should ever have in their house, so I deserve a treat.

My plan for later is a good book, cuddled up with my wine glass and my pug who despite his snoring and taking up most of the blanket I love sitting with.  Cheers.

Available through Total Wine

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