A bouquet of roses

Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses

Spring has finally sprung and if you are browsing around a wine shop you will certainly see an abundance of Rosé.  I instantly gravitate to them, mainly due to the enticing color ranges.  They are really very visually appealing.  This bottle in particular has a beautiful open rose pattern on the base of the bottle.  My local wine shop had them displayed upside down in a container looking like the best bouquet of roses I have ever seen.  Based on the unique bottle shape and the fact that this is a quality producer this makes the perfect wine to bring to a spring fling.

Rosé wine can really vary in degrees of sweetness.  Some are quite fruit forward yet most I find are on the dry side.  This one is dry with notes of citrus and of course some floral.  The flavors really do come through very nicely.  It’s crisp and refreshing.  It would be the perfect accompaniment to sunshine, friends and light fare.

Available through Wine.com

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