A Chardonnay for the day

La Crema Chardonnay

This is a favorite Chardonnay of a good friend so I’ve had it many times in her company.  The moment that stands out for me is an afternoon in the middle of summer.  I took the kids and myself over for an impromptu play date.  She had the wine chilled and put out some cheese and crackers.  We found a nice place in the shade and watched the kids run around the yard.  This wine really complimented the moment.

La Crema is nicely balanced Chardonnay with lots of tropical fruit and oak.  It has some lovely floral notes, think honeysuckle.  It’s a good in between for those who love the “buttery” chardonnays and those who don’t always enjoy them.  It has a wonderful texture that is not overpowering for a hot day.  This wine can easily please.

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