A little treat

Quinto do Noval Cedro do Noval 

I’m in the throes of a no carb no sugar diet in an attempt to find my wedding body again.  This is no easy feat.  I’m 2 kids deep, post 40 and my body is really happy with dessert and wine every night.  So the diet plan I’ve constructed for myself is 6 days of very strict healthy eating and then one blissful day of cheats.  It because of this day that I have lasted 4 weeks on this diet instead of one.  So Saturday cheat day rolls around and I am psyched to carb up to my eyeballs.   For this past cheat day I enjoyed pasta carbonara compliments of Mr. Grape Riot.

This Portuguese Douro was a decadent indulgence with our meal.  It’s powerful and bold and can stand up to a heavy dish.  The wine is rich and dark purple in color.   It has ripe dark fruit notes such as plum and berry.  There are nice tannins in this wine which help it stand up to the fatty bacon and cream in the pasta. This was  total comfort.

Available through Total Wine

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