Back to school: Add these wines to your shopping list

Woo hoo, it’s that time of year again.  I have truly enjoyed every minute of summer and I’m always a little sad to see it end.   But, by around mid-August, my whole family starts to get a bit antsy.  I’m running out of ideas and honestly patience.  It’s time to get my little darlings back into their routine of early bedtimes and scheduled days.

Back to school is a time to celebrate the upcoming school year, say goodbye to a fun-filled summer and welcome copious amounts of pumpkin-flavored foods into our daily regime.  It would be wise to stock up on a few wines to fit this momentous occasion and I have the perfect suggestions.

Sofia Blanc de Blancs

This is your celebration wine.  Pop the cork and toast with bubbles to getting through another summer.  It’s still super warm out, so enjoy this while you are outside enjoying the solitude you have craved all through August.

This is easy drinking with notes of citrus and flowers.  Besides who doesn’t love some bubbles?

Available through Total Wine

Bodega Bernabeleva Camino de Navaherreros

Now on to something that embodies the essence of the upcoming fall season.  The Camino de Navaherreros has aromas that are earthy and keep me thinking of those leaves changing and soon to come crockpot days.  Similar to a pinot noir, this wine is medium-bodied with notes of oak, spice, and berry.

This is necessary sipping wine between science project, math equation, uniform washing, piano lesson mayhem.

Available through

Michael David Winery Petite petit

Lastly, I’m offering up a powerful suggestion for those rough days of adjustments that are sure to come.  Petite petit is sure to help you relax at the end of the day.  This is a big wine, with notes of toffee, chocolate, and ripe fruit.  All of which is fitting for the upcoming season.  This will be a refreshing change of pace as the weather cools down.  The Petite petit will also be a welcome respite from all those summery Rosés you have been drinking.

Available through

My advice to you is to stock up on all three, make no apologies and enjoy!

Cheers to all the parents out there who work their butts off and deserve a wine break at the end of the day!

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