Beach wine, I’ve got you covered

Gazela Vinho Verde

Probably the most perfect wine for a hot day, day drinking or on the beach picnic is vinho verde.  There are several reasons, so here we go.

It’s super refreshing. vinho verde is translated as “green” wine, but the name really implies “young” wine.  This wine has a slight fizziness.  It’s very aromatic with floral and citrus notes.  Serve it chilled!

It’s a very low alcohol wine. So just for a comparison vinho verde generally falls in the 9 to 11 percent range for alcohol while a California chardonnay would be more around 14 percent.

Those little numbers make a big difference in what you can drink and tolerate.  That’s why is perfect for day drinking.  You really run less risk of feeling pooped out after a couple glasses.

It’s inexpensive. Grab a few bottles to keep on hand.  These are not complicated fussy wines.  They are super easy drinking and will go nicely with most foods.

My husband and I were lucky enough to visit Portugal last year.  I will tell you that sitting down at a café in Lisbon, along the water with a glass of vinho verde in my hand, while a local musician plays the guitar was just about as good as it gets.

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