Binge Watch

Hahn SLH Pinot Noir

I call this a “Green Eggs and Ham” wine. I will drink it in a chair or on a stair or with a bear, I will drink it anywhere! This wine is just delicious. I brought this to a casual tasting party with a group that I know really enjoy very specific producers and varietals, and this seemed to win over the majority of that tough crowd.

The SLH is very aromatic with dark fruit and toasty wood. It’s a really fruit forward pinot laced with baking spices, good acidity and a lasting finish. This pinot noir will run about $20, which I think is a great value for the quality of the wine you are getting. I am someone that is always drinking new wines, but this one I will return to.

O.K. so you get I liked it, now how to best enjoy? I would totally cozy up with this on a movie night, or save it for when your favorite Netflix show comes back and get ready to binge watch.  It’s great alone, SLH does not need food to be enjoyed so get sipping.

Available through Total Wine

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