Bring to the tailgate

1000 Stories ‘Bourbon Barrel’ Zinfandel

If there were ever a perfect wine to bring to a chilly tailgate this is it.  The fact that it’s bourbon barrel aged will likely appeal to the non-wine crowd as something a bit different to imbibe.  But besides that, this zin is very balanced, spicy and can stand up to all that outdoor grilling.  1000 Stories has a lot of robust flavor packed into it, and a nice long finish so it can really lend a hand in warming you up while hanging outdoors.  The higher alcohol content at 15.2% does seem to help matters of the cold weather as well.

The first aromas were of cigar box followed quickly by black fruit and also some dried fruit.  This will be a crowd pleaser for people who enjoy a bigger red wine and certainly good for a group ski trip for after the slopes.   I’ll certainly be stocking up on this for the football games, snow days and beyond.

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