CAN I have a Rosé?

Underwood Rosé Bubbles

Summer is in full swing and what better time to grab a 6 pack of rosé and hit the beach.  A day at the beach should be relaxed, uncomplicated and carefree.  As we endure a heatwave here in the north east I stocked up on this delicious Rosé to pack along with the water, chips and fruit.  The beauty of this particular wine is that they are canned!  Don’t be turned off, they are your solution for the hot beach days so embrace it.  The convenience of these cans can’t be beat.  The wine itself is lively and refreshing, with notes of berries and citrus.   Having bubbles on the beach feels simply indulgent.  I realize there are wine drinkers who are absolute anti-can.  But these aren’t meant to impress, they are for fun, convenience and refreshment.  So I highly recommend grabbing some for the next heatwave beach day.  You will not regret it!

Available through Total Wine

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