Casual burger night

Wolffer Estate Finca Wolffer Red

My Portuguese father in law makes wine every year.  He doesn’t talk about how he makes it, what grapes he uses or when it actually happens.  All I know is that at every family gathering he manages to produce huge jugs of winey deliciousness.  The wines that many families make, is by nature rustic and casual.  It’s fruit-forward with a lot of acidity and oh so easy to drink.  Which brings me to Wolffer Estates Finca red.  This is so reminiscent of my father in laws wine it immediately transported me to our most recent family get together.

I loved that this wasn’t the typical wine you pick up for your evening glass.  And I’m sure if you ordered this off a wine list while out on a date night you might even be underwhelmed.  But I assure you, under the right expectations and circumstances you will thoroughly enjoy this wine.  You need to know that this is unoaked, unfussy and best served chilled.  This is the wine that goes out on the table with burgers and macaroni salad.  You don’t need to think too much about it, just open it up and enjoy.  But be careful, you should pick up more than one bottle because it’s very drinkable and you will quickly find yourself staring down the neck of an empty bottle, wanting just one more glass.

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