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Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

If you want a white wine that will please everyone this is a good choice. I really love Kim Crawford, I’m partial to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in general. This particular wine is very popular and has quite a loyal following.

While in my local wine shop a while back I actually saw one woman throw about 15 bottles of this into her cart. Maybe party shopping or just stocking up either way…smart woman. It’s a great price ranging from about $15-$18 dollars depending on where you shop.

Kim Crawford SB is a wonderfully crisp refreshing wine with notes of melon, tropical fruits and some very pleasant grassiness to balance out the fruits. This is a great wine to stock up on, keep it around for a refreshing glass whenever the mood hits. I personally think it’s perfect during hot summer months, hanging by the pool. This is often my go to for when I get some time to myself outside on the deck with a book.

Available through Total Wine

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