Go ahead and spoil yourself

Angry Bunch Lodi Zinfandel

I had the pleasure of enjoying this zin at a great new wine bar we discovered in the next town over.  They had a fire going, comfy couches and a cool vibe.  If I ever run away from home, this will be my first stop.  The atmosphere was perfect for this big wine.

When I buy a bottle to enjoy at home, I’ll do it on a day I’m taking a break from healthy eating and indulge with some comfort food. Angry Bunch can stand up to the most indulgent tacos, BBQ, or pulled pork sandwich (yum).  Plus if you are going to fall off the wagon you might as well go balls to the wall and add in this bold, decadent zin. This wine is less spice and depth and an abundance of fruit.  If you like a jammy, fun wine give this a try.

Available through Wine.com

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