Grab a cart, you will stock up on this one

San Gregorio Single Vineyard Loma Gorda Old Vine Garnacha

Next time you hear someone proclaiming about how hard it is to find good wine in the $10 range, or that they won’t drink anything under $15, give them this!  If you don’t believe me, check out some wine peeps on Instagram who like me, are writing about this great find they want to share.

I’m an old vine kind of girl anyway.  The thought of these grapes growing in the same location year after year, developing and uber-flavorizing gets me every time.  Garnacha is a favorite varietal for me, so when I saw this, I felt like it should have been called “made for Grape Riot”.

This wine had a lot of layered aromas and flavors.  On the nose, you get ripe wild strawberries.  As you drink you notice black olive, mushroom, and spice.

Have a little fun with this one.  Bring it to the poker or board game night you have with friends.  It’s a crowd-pleaser, and since it’s about $10 grab 3 or 4 bottles, your friends will thank you.

Available through Total Wine

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