Grab an umbrella

Rainstorm Pinot Noir

Well maybe this is completely predictable, but yeah… drink this during a rainstorm.  First, I need you think about something for a minute.  Think about all those aromas a good down pour can conjure.  Wet pavement, damp grass and earth.  Now take a sip of this Pinot Noir and you will detect the nuances of said Rainstorm.  Along with the fore mentioned you will also get notes of cranberry and wild strawberry.   I think I’m nostalgic for the coming of spring which is still a couple months away but I’ve never enjoyed January through March so I’m fantasizing about buds on the trees, no coats, flowers, camping and April showers.  Having this wine brought me to a happier outdoorsy place.  Grab a bottle and put away for the next time a good thunderstorm rolls into town.

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