Hone in on your sixth sense

6th Sense Syrah 

It’s sweata weatha here in Ct and this wine is like putting on your favorite cashmere cable knit.  It’s full bodied and has notes of deep dark fruits, chocolate, and baking spices.  It’s a bit indulgent, and with all that is going on can almost give it the illusion of sweetness but it’s all that jammy fruit up in there!  This is a nice balanced wine, the color is dark red/purple and as it’s pouring I’m thinking how beautifully thick it is and how I can’t wait to wrap myself up in it.  I’ve had 6th sense before and I will enjoy it again and again.  It’s at a great price point and is most likely a people pleaser, meaning my guests will be more than happy while we are just having a relaxing night with cheese, crackers and  maybe some comfort food.  It’s a big wine, and when the weather and mood is right a big wine is just what you need.

Available through Wine.com

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