I’m feeling evolved

Sokol Blosser Evolution Red Blend

Wow, this has a lot of grapes!  Which is why I couldn’t wait to try it.  This gem from Oregon includes the red grapes, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, and Syrah.  Then they add a splash of their Lucky No. 9 white blend which includes a total of 9 white grapes.  Thus making an incredibly delicious 12 grape red blend.

This wine is so drinkable it’s a bit dangerous.  I set out to have a glass or two and unbeknownst to me at bedtime I was 3/4 of the bottle in.

Evolution red blend is a very balanced and well-rounded wine with fruit flavors upfront.  You will get hit with a bit of tart cranberry and spice.  I’m going to keep some bottles of this in my wine fridge for those friendly get-togethers and those nights I’m just in the mood for a movie and wine.  This is a people pleaser wine that you can bring just about anywhere.

Available through Wine.com

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