I’m snowing myself in

Smith and Hook Cabernet

Yesterday was our first sledding trip with our kids ever.  They are finally old enough to endure the cold, speed, and thrill of coasting down a snowy drop.  It felt like the old days when we used to head up to Vermont and actually put on ski’s instead of opting for the fireplace all day.  We got cold, we got tired and when we finally got back inside we got a bottle of wine!  Our friends kindly brought this over for us and it was just the touch we needed after thawing out.

There is a lot of dark ripe fruit and notes of cocoa.  So while the kids were sipping on cocoa I guess you could say we were too.  Full bodied and immensely satisfying for $18 this is worth keeping on hand for those impromptu snowy moment or a night in front of the television.

Available through Wine.com

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