Me time wine

Despagne Biface Blanc

On a typical wine list, we are generally given the same choices for white wine we see over and over again.  I love all of those wines, but sometimes it’s nice to try something a bit less common.  White Bordeaux is usually a blend of primarily Semillon and Sauvignon blanc with a few other lesser-known varietals. This flavor combination can win over most crowds with its pleasing balance of acidity and fruity ripeness.  So tell your chardonnay drinking friends this should be on their shopping list.

White Bordeaux is the ideal Autumn white.  It has more body than the whites you have been drinking in the hot summer months.  It’s also a bit richer.  I opened this bottle the other day when the sun was still super warm, but the cool fall air had arrived. It’s bursting with pear notes a bit of honey and oak.   I promptly grabbed my glass, a sweater, and some cheese for a little much needed me time.

Available through Total Wine

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