Pairing jack o lanterns with Priorat

La Conreria Priorat Tinto

Yesterday our family carved pumpkins.  My kids were pumped up and ready to carve their masterpieces.   They had printed out the pictures of what to they wanted, then my husband and his buddy got to work helping them on their carefully chosen designs.

A few seconds later, the kids got bored and went to play, and my husband and his friend were stuck sawing, scooping and swearing over the pumpkins.  A glass of wine was in order for me and the fellow on-lookers.

Priorat is a small region of Spain a few hours south of Barcelona.  There are many quality wines that come out of this region and the price point is usually a bit higher.  This bottle was $18.00 and I saw some good feedback, so I gave it a go.  I think of this as an introductory Priorat.  It is a nice, easy drinking wine.  It is medium bodied with high acidity, tart strawberry laced with wet stone.

I will grab another Priorat because I’m intrigued by the region, but I might splurge on a more well-known producer for comparison.  For pumpkin picking or out on the deck in the cool air with the golden leaves falling around us, it worked very nicely.

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