Pass the pasta

Renato Ratti Barbera d’ Asti

When the monotony of life starts to get to us and we are feeling bored, we like to have a mini celebration.  My husband and I love doing a fun cooking night.  We pick a recipe and make it together, throw on some music and open a wine that suits the occasion.  For this adventure we opted for bolognese.  If you didn’t know (which I didn’t until recently) bolognese is not just ground beef and sauce.  It’s a medley of vegetables, different meats, beef stock, tomatoes and milk.  It’s a feel special kind of sauce that simmers all day, the aromas getting you pumped up to eat.

Barbera is a grape from the Piedmonte region of Italy.  It’s a very versatile and enjoyable with many foods.  This Renato Ratti is fairly acidic and can stand up to a heavy meal.   Its aromas are bright and ripe, its flavor carry some herbal characteristics.  It’s traditional and classic.  Don’t overthink it, just pile on the bolognese and enjoy.

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