Port for the moment

Quinta Das Carvalhas Reserva Tawny Port

My husband and I took a trip to Portugal last year and toured through the Douro region.  We were able to visit some of the port houses and of course taste some port wine.  The Douro region is spectacular, it is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage regions.  It’s simply gorgeous.  I feel so fortunate to have sipped port at the top of a slope looking down at the river.  I will tell you it’s a long, very narrow and winding way up to some of these Quinta’s to visit, but so worth it.

Before this trip my experience with port was fairly limited, but I came back and enthusiast.  What I love especially is how versatile this wine really is.  This tawny port has beautiful layers of sweetness, dried fruit such as fig and plum, and toasted nuts.

Traditionally port is a dessert wine, but I think you can have this particular tawny port with cheese and crackers as an aperitif.  You can enjoy this on a hot summer night served chilled, or cozied up by the fire in during a snow storm or on a camping trip.  It’s worth it to grab and bottle and just have one on hand for when the mood strikes.

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