Ready for date night?

Domaine des Pins Les Pierres Saint-Amour

Feeling romantic?  Sometimes the best date nights are at home.  My husband and I will often pick a recipe that we find intriguing, a great bottle of wine, a good movie and stay in.  One of our favorite date night dinners is osso buco with risotto Milanese, which is total comfort slow-cooked deliciousness.  It’s decadent and suitable for a special occasion evening.  This brings me to the wine.  What better for a date night than a bottle from St. Amour.  Sure it’s a bit cliche, but that never hurt anyone!

This particular Cru Beaujolais was sturdy and able to stand up to our rich meal of slow-cooked veal and creamy rice.  This wine had a lot of cherry aromas with a little bit of spice and slate mixed in.  It was medium-bodied with a  bit of cranberry on the palate.  Our creamy, rich dinner helped balance out the tannins and tartness of the wine, making it a winning combo.

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