Relaxing Chinon

Domaine de Pallus Chinon Les Pensees de Pallus

I love the idea of a traditional story book picnic.  Heading out onto some perfectly green spot by a river on a warm day. I would bring one of those huge baskets that have the checkered fabric filled with fresh fruit, a warm baguette, and amazing cheeses and of course the perfect wine.

Cabernet Franc may not be on the average wine consumer’s radar and that’s a shame.  This grape is more well-known as part of the Bordeaux blend.  But in the Loire valley it’s the main attraction.  I suggest letting this wine open up a bit.  The style is “old world” so expect more earthy flavors rather than ripeness.

This Chinon presents with aromas of red berry and slate.  The flavors are tart berries and moss.  This wine doesn’t give it all away at first sip.  You have to give it some time and thought.  It’s not a guzzler. Which is why it’s perfect for a day when there is nothing more on the agenda then eating cheese and bread and watching the grass blow in the breeze.

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