Something to go with your popcorn

Sterling Vineyards Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

We all know these moments too well.  You are in a T.V. rut, your shows are on hiatus, and you spend your nights surfing through 300 plus channels and streaming choices only to go to bed disappointed.  Then alas, you discover a new series that the Facebook rumor mill is calling the next must see.  Finally a reason to celebrate, get the kids to be early and of course open a bottle of wine. This Sterling Cabernet is a brilliant choice for a cozy night at home.  Rich with intense ripe dark berry notes this will become your new best friend on a stormy Netflix night.  Have a nice dinner pour a glass and settle yourself in for the evening.   Although a juicy steak would complement this wine it’s also quite satisfying on its own.  Big hits of blackberry with a dab of oak and chocolate this wine will fulfill all your movie night needs.

Available through Total Wine

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