Stop and smell the flowers

Willm Gewürztraminer Reserve

When you were a kid did you ever take honeysuckle off the plant and taste it?  You would pick the flower and then pull on the stem to extract the super thin inner stem oozing with yummy nectar.  Just like a scented shampoo from your youth can bring you right back to being at your parents’ house getting ready for school, this wine brought me right back to those carefree days picking honeysuckle flowers and playing outside until dark.  Gewürztraminer is known for being super aromatic so it’s always a treat to just stick your nose in the glass and take it all in.  There are of course the floral notes but also sweet citrus fruits as well.  When you taste this for the first time you pick up more floral nuances and some sweetness.  It’s nicely balanced with the acidity making it very drinkable.  I think because this wine is a bit off dry it might be a little too sweet for a hot summer day.  Which is why I recommend it for fall.  This is a romantic wine perfect to complement to fall menu items such as pork chops with apples.

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