The last day of summer

Beach Blvd Wine Company Rosé

I’m just now checking my email and found out our school is having busing issues.  As a result, our first day is cancelled.  I was in the midst of packing us up for the long trip home to Connecticut, when I learned we had one more day of summer.  My kids of course are elated, and I needed a plan.  We felt like the cancellation of school was the universe telling us to get out there and enjoy one more day in the sun.  To commemorate the event we decided the best thing to do was go fishing.

I figured if the universe was giving us one more day of summer I should do it right with one more can of rosé.  And seriously what better place for canned rosé than the beach with a fishing pole in hand?

The Beach Blvd Wine Company rosé is made with 100 percent zinfandel.  This is a light pink, dry and the perfect accompaniment to our last days in the sand.  Once again, the convenience of the canned wines can’t be beat for summer coolers.

If you have any more time left before your summer comes to a close, get outside.  But don’t forget the rosé!

Available through Hamptons Wine Shoppe

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