The wine crime I regret the most

Kosta Browne Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

I am so lucky to have friends who know how happy a great bottle of wine will make me.  I am also lucky to have friends who are willing to SHARE their great bottles of wine with me.  Enter Kosta Browne pinot noir.

I’ve been more serious about wine for about 5 years now.  In that time, I have tasted many bottles in the 25 dollar range.  So having a highly rated, higher price point wine got me excited.  As a result, I committed a major wine faux pas, I drank too fast!  My enthusiasm got the better of me, and I ripped into that bottle as if my hands were on fire.  I poured, did a quick swirl and sniff and gobbled it down like a fiend.

Sadly this is not the first time I have done this with an amazing bottle.  I once gobbled up a Cardinale Cabernet Sauvignon amid a heatwave.  The wine was too warm, the kids were screaming by the pool, it was chaos.  I wish I could just go back and do it differently.

Fortunately, the Kosta Browne was still so impressive and memorable it didn’t matter whether I funneled it, or took an hour per glass it was still amazing.  In my frenzy, I did manage to pick up the finesse and abundance of layered aromas in this wine.

The Kosta Browne is lush, elegant and refined.  There is so much ripeness, yet it is still not overdone.  There wonderful balance, and notes of red berry and stone.  I truly recommend to drink slow and enjoy more of the nuances of this wine.  Take some time out to plan an amazing menu, invite some fellow wine lovers over and open this.  Take your time and enjoy this one, it’s special.

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