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Mas Igneus Barranc Dels Closos Priorat

Lush yet elegant this is a nice treat that deviates from some of the norms.  It has some licorice and raisin notes.  It’s ripe but not jammy with a lot of mineral.  This was a very enjoyable wine but you should treat it right.  Make a nice fall dinner have some friends over who appreciate wine and then open this bottle.

The hints of dried fruit and licorice are the perfect complement to the beginning of cool weather.  There is also a bit of oak which just begs to be sipped while hanging by the fire.  Having a bottle or two on hand for when we decorate our tree will be my plan.  You will find this bottle in the $20 range which is a great price for a good wine from this region.  I’m going to grab my cardigan and slippers and pour another glass.

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