Weeknight solution

Les Darons Languedoc by Jeff Carrel

It’s one of those nights I’m spending more time in the kitchen than I care to.  I still haven’t mastered the art of “everyone eats what I put out” so I am currently making spaghetti and meatballs for my kids, my husband is going low carb and isn’t into meatballs and I will probably have some combination of what everyone else is eating.  Anyway it’s a great night to pour a glass of wine while I prepare all these meals.

This Languedoc is the perfect week night wine.  It’s an easy peasy drinking wine.   This is medium bodied with some spice and bright fruitiness and a wonderful mineral note to layer into the complexity.  This bottle can be found for under $15.00.  Taking into consideration the price and easy appeal this is perfect to open during the week while prepping dinner for the family.  I will also note that I had a glass pre-dinner that was very satisfying but my enjoyment of this wine did improve with food.  It’s very versatile so get creative.

Available through Wine.com

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