You are in for the night

St Francis Old Vines Zinfandel 

I know I’m not alone when I say having a book that you are really into is pure bliss.  After a of week of scouring reviews and downloading endless samples I have found something to read that has me running to my sweet spot on the couch every night. Now I just needed the perfect wine to make the mood complete.

This Zinfandel is loaded with baking spice, pepper and eucalyptus.  There are notes of blackberry and blueberry but they are secondary.   So this isn’t a fruit bomb Zinfandel it’s a little more refined.  I liked this enough to suggest having it when you can spend a little time focusing on it.  It’s a nice quiet wine, sip slow enjoy the layers it delivers.  So grab that book or in my case a book and a pug, or get started on a new Netflix binge because this one will keep you in for the night.  Happy sipping.

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